Affordable Consolidated Shipping

BrightLink Shipping and Logistics specializes in providing efficient consolidated shipping solutions, offering simplified cargo transportation services for businesses and individuals. With our extensive expertise, strategic planning capabilities, and customer-focused approach, we deliver dependable and economical services. Consolidated shipping, also referred to as cargo consolidation, involves merging multiple shipments from various clients into one transport unit, such as a container, truck, or pallet, maximizing efficiency by optimizing space usage and reducing expenses. Our proficiency lies in efficient combined shipping, enabling clients to enjoy streamlined logistics operations.

We adhere to a simplified process to ensure efficient consolidation operations. Our groupage shipping team conducts a comprehensive evaluation and planning of each shipment to determine the most appropriate consolidation method, taking into account factors such as shipment size, weight, destination, and specific requirements.

We merge multiple shipments into a single transport unit, maximizing space utilization and minimizing empty or underutilized capacity. Our skilled groupage shipment handling team carefully plans and organizes the cargo within the transport unit, ensuring proper handling and security throughout the transportation process.

We devise efficient routing plans to minimize transit times and lower transportation costs, selecting the most suitable transportation modes based on specific requirements. Our consolidated shipping team handles all necessary documentation, ensuring compliance with international trade regulations and facilitating smooth customs clearance.


We provide real-time tracking and visibility for groupage shipments, offering clients up-to-date information on the status and location of their cargo. We offer a variety of solutions to assist businesses and individuals with their shipping needs, enabling cost savings as clients benefit from shared transportation costs, optimized capacity utilization, and reduced expenses.

Our simplified combined shipping process ensures efficient cargo handling, reduced transit times, and quicker deliveries, allowing businesses to meet tight deadlines and enhance supply chain efficiency. We offer flexible solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each customer, adjusting to specific needs and providing customized options.

Utilizing our global network of trusted partners and carriers, we offer comprehensive coverage and smooth connections to major transportation hubs worldwide. We deliver dedicated customer support throughout the shipping process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for our customers.

Vehicle Shipping

Effortless Vehicle Shipping

Efficiently transport your vehicles with our tailored shipping solutions. From cars to motorcycles, we ensure safe and timely worldwide delivery. We import and export all kinds of vehicles worldwide.

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Groupage Shipping Made Simple

Make the intelligent choice by partnering with us for efficient combined shipping solutions. Connect with us today to explore tailored options that match your unique requirements and experience firsthand the cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability we bring to every combined shipment.



Over a decade of expertise in consolidated shipping, delivering efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions for businesses worldwide.


Delivering efficient consolidated shipping solutions to hundreds of customers monthly, optimizing logistics for businesses worldwide with cost-effective and reliable services.