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Looking for Packing Service in Abu Dhabi?. BrightLink Movers and Packers as the name suggests we pack, deliver, store and transport any goods on a daily basis. Over the years we have packed thousands of goods and owing to that we have solutions for all possible problems that one can encounter during packing. Our Packing Service in Abu Dhabi provide complete packing solution for any kinds and types of goods, we pack both commercial and household goods as per clients requirements and use different Packing Materials for different types of goods like packing with plastic sheets, foam sheets, boxes, bags, stretch films, corrugated roll, bubble wrap, cling wrap and much more. We have successfully packed everything ranging from big unstable and unsymmetrical goods to small fragile items. We provide custom packing service in Abu Dhabi for all your goods. Along with packing we also provide local and international delivery of the packages. We have trusted connections and professional agents in almost every country and thus with us, your packages will always be safe and secure. We also provide packing materials including moving boxes and cartons for our customers based on their requirements, they can order any packing materials and we can provide delivery anywhere in Abu Dhabi or if they need a custom packing service, we can even provide that by mobilizing our packing at their location and they will pack professionally, whether it is export packing, storage packing or for commercial purpose, we know how to pack well.

We provide complete packing and Packaging service in Abu Dhabi. Our packing team has years of experience and well experienced to pack any kinds of goods. The requirements for packing may vary based on the items, hence we can provide custom-made packing service and we can offer custom packing for commercial goods, or provide export quality packing service for shipping goods. Our custom-made packing service in Abu Dhabi includes, wooden box, corrugated boxes, pallets and crates of all size and types. Along with packing and packaging service we also provide packing materials for our customers, we have complete range of packing materials including Cartons, Moving Boxes, Corrugated Rolls, Bubble Wrap, cling wrap, starch films, polyethylene sheet, Bopp tapes and adhesive tapes.


Looking for affordable shipping crates and pallets in Abu Dhabi?. We provide Logistics and Storage Services hence Crating and Palletizing are a part of our daily routine. We create custom durable Pallets depending on the dimensions and weight of the goods to be placed. Our heavy-duty pallets are suitable for storage and Transportation and facilitate easy handling of the goods. We also manufacture Crates to hold delicate goods that hold strong even in the rare case of rough handling. The crates are made of required dimensions so as to perfectly contain the goods and ensure their safety. Our Crating and Palletizing Service in Abu Dhabi also provide custom crates and pallets upon request and it includes wooden boxes, corrugated boxes based on the goods. The materials and design of these crates and pallets depend on various factors such as the nature of goods to be stored, weight of the goods and the time for which they will be used. After conducting a survey of all necessary factors, we proceed towards manufacturing and create a Strong and sturdy pallet or crate. BrightLink Abu Dhabi provide all kinds and types of crating and palletization service in Abu Dhabi.


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